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The Inspiring Journey of a Blind Dog

Welcome to the world of River, the dog with no eyes! River’s journey is a heartwarming tale of resilience, determination, and the power of love. Follow along as we tell River’s story and discover how he sees the world in a whole new way.

A book about River

"I See With My heart"

Join River on his journey of discovery with his children’s book, “River: The Dog with No Eyes.” This heartwarming tale teaches children about acceptance, love, and the power of determination. Order your copy today and let River’s story inspire you!


Pictures taken by Abbye Chizever

River Van Meter

I see With My heart


**A portion of sales will go towards helping dogs get trained to be therapy dogs**

River was found wandering all alone in Texas. The kind man who found him knew something was wrong with his eyes. River was then driven to a rescue organization in Tennessee, where he had an amazing foster mom. She took him to the vet, and the doctor said that because his eyes were so sick,
they would need to remove them both.

River VanMeter Our Tesimonials

Could not recommend it more!

Our students had a very engaging experience with River.  We talked a lot about how looking different does not mean that you ARE different.  We also talked about because someone is different doesn’t mean you can’t be their friend.  We should always be kind and love one another.  It was especially fun when River ate a cake that was prepared especially for him.  River was a hit!

Kindergarten Teacher

Incredible Experience

River and his family visited Clyde Riggs Elementary and it was a huge hit.  Not only were the kids engaged, they fell in love with River and his family.  They loved hearing about River’s journey to find the Van Meter’s and how he became a special member of their family.  They cheered him on when he demonstrated how the lack of his sight only made his other senses stronger.  Visiting with River showed the kids and staff at CRE that nothing can stand in your way when you have faith, determination, and love. 
Some students were chosen to eat lunch with River and they couldn’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed that special time.  We can’t wait for River to visit again, and maybe bring his pet cat with him. 

Debbie Greer

Media Specialist


River and his family have this natural flow of love , kindness, and definately, compassion in what they do! ❤
It was such a blessing to have them come to visit our classroom at HB Williams. The kids loved meeting River. I promise you will be touched after meeting him.

Logan says…… River is SO awesome Dog.

Kellie McAffie

CDC Teacher

We Love River!

We were so lucky to host River, Bethany and Josh as guest authors/visitors on March 12, 2024. Our 2nd grade students enjoyed hearing the story of River, watching him perform for them, and ask a million questions of Bethany and Josh. The message Bethany brought to our students through River’s ‘eyes’ was so helpful in helping them realize that everybody is different and we can all overcome any barriers we face. They also learned a valuable lesson on how we can each make a difference in other people’s lives by one generous act! THANK YOU River, Bethany, and Josh for providing our students with an opportunity they will remember forever!

Natalie Ewald

They were the best!

My first grade class LOVED meeting River and hearing his beautiful story. This experience was one of the best author’s visits I have had as an educator. My students learned persistence, resilience, and flexibility from hearing the children’s books. When asked what they learned from River, a student replied, “That you don’t have to be the same to be friends.” What an example for all to hear! 🐶💚

Ashley Garman

River was so cute!

Another one:

I cannot say enough about our visit with River! Students have never been more engaged in an assembly. The books grabbed students’ attention while telling about River’s journey. They taught us about acceptance and overcoming adversity. Each student was given personal attention and Bethany was extremely flexible, ensuring each student was able to attend the program.

Malita Sadler


Bethany and Josh,
Teachers, principals and just about every child has come to me to tell me how amazing it was to meet you all and learn about River.
You hit it out of the park.
I’ve even had a few teachers who plan to preorder the new one and asked if you could come back next year!
Love it. 
Thank you again. I just wanted you to know what a blessing your visit
was to our school!

 Kelley Griffin, St. Joseph School (Knoxville, TN)

 Kelley Griffin

St. Joseph School (Knoxville, TN)

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About River

From Abandoned to Adopted

River’s journey began when he was found wandering all alone in Texas. Luckily, a kind-hearted man found him and brought him to a rescue organization in Tennessee. After a trip to the vet, it was determined that River’s eyes were so sick that they had to be removed. But that didn’t stop River from finding his forever home with a loving family who adores him for who he is.

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